Suki Fuller is a competitive strategic advisor, analytical storyteller, and acclaimed keynote speaker. Her eclectic 16-year career within strategic intelligence and technology has taken her from the US Department of Defense to teaching students in China. She currently resides in London, where she is an intrinsic part of the tech community and was recently named by Financial Times as one of the Top 100 Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic (BAME) Leaders in UK Tech. Additionally, Suki was named by Computer Weekly as one of the Most Influential Women in UK IT 2018, Five Rising Stars and also, named one of the 30 Change Makers to watch for London Tech Week 2018. Suki is available for mentoring, public speaking and advisory consulting.

Suki has a vast and diverse network and an innate sense for the opportunity, a combination that makes her a super connector. Her ability to bring people together is what makes Suki’s position in the industry so unique. She is a conduit for possibility and, thanks to the colorful nature of her network, her introductions can sometimes be unexpected – pollinating across sectors and geographies. Whether expected or not, an introduction through Suki is guaranteed to open your eyes to new opportunities and enrich both your knowledge and business.

The same instinct for commercial opportunity has seen her become a trusted advisor and source of insight for some of the most high profile leaders in the tech industry. With her cross-industry experience and understanding and relatable nature, Suki’s advice is not only insightful – but invaluable. From startups to global corporates, Suki is a valued asset to tech teams who require a fresh perspective and astute business advice.

When she is not working with teams or individuals, Suki can be found on the global stage, taking on speaking engagements and hosting events. Suki’s dynamic, humorous and direct approach to public speaking has taken her all over the world and to a wide array of audiences. Whether she is chairing a panel or giving a keynote speech, a chance to see Suki speak is a chance to feel inspired and uplifted.

“Suki is articulate in speech, leading edge in her knowledge of technology, strategic in her approach, and resourceful in finding a competitive advantage efficiently. Her ability to formulate a clear actionable insight from disparate data is stunning and allowed us to pivot a global product offering without a significant loss”
SVP, Automotive Manufacturer



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